Why Parkour Is so Popular Among College Students

Parkour has, over the years, evolved from being a movement training discipline among the military, to a recreational and fun-filled sport among young people. It is a practice of physical body movements, that is logically and creatively performed in an outdoor setting to get from a start point to a finish point quickly.
Nowadays, youth is crazy about parkour sport. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Young people are more energetic, strong, flexible, and can move their bodies efficiently. Interestingly, the sport has started gaining popularity in various higher educational institutions, which is why it has become so loved among college students. Below are some reasons parkour had gained popularity among college students:

1. College Students Are Young

College students are often young and vibrant individuals. They are more energetic, charismatic, sound-minded, physically balanced, and they are on a journey of self-discovery. Unlike old and matured men and women, these young ones in college are strong and physically okay to partake in activities that involve them using every part of their body for things that might be risky. Yet, they don’t mind because they have a free will and mind to do what they desire, worrying less about negative outcomes.

2. Parkour Is Simple

The parkour sport is as simple as the thought of it. All you need is a pair of shoes, and you are good to go! You can practice it anywhere, be it an urban space, a playground, gymnastics gyms, and track fields, in as much as there is something that you can move your body over and around. You don’t need to be especially talented in the sport of Parkour to partake in it. You have to remain focused and get your mind ready.

3. It Doesn’t Require Too Many People

Unlike other attractive and attention-grabbing sports, Parkour does not call for crowds. It can just be you, or to make it merrier, do it with a few friends. So, taking along your shoes with a few friends to an urban space, there you have it because the fun begins just there and then.

4. Parkour Is Quite Influential and Amusing

Imagine watching people daily or weekly on the track field, in the gym or outside before or after class jumping, running, climbing, crawling, and vaulting over something, you would want to be a part of it. I can bet you would stop to watch the amusing scene, and gradually you would develop an interest in it. It is also popular for bringing people from different disciplines together, and to work together.

6. It Trains the Body and Mind

Not only does parkour serve as an exercise for the body, but it also gives the mind an unconscious chance to train itself. College students do this to train in self-discipline and time management. It also helps prepare their mind subconsciously for possible unseen barriers and obstacles.
Parkour is energetic, influential, amusing, and it trains the mind and body. It brings people together and helps in self-discovery. It is simple and yet challenging. All these are perks that can be associated with college students.
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